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Talk with a team of tech-propelled legal experts ready to fix your legal potholes with today's digital tools, in a pragmatic way.


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We deliver high-quality legal solutions.

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“With Companyon, I enjoy 100% legal serenity by delegating the preparation and hosting of critical legal documents. Companyon mitigates legal risks with proactive improvement suggestions as my activities and the law evolve.”

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“Achieving GDPR compliance was a breeze thanks to Companyon. Their team blends the professionalism one can expect from legal and data protection experts with a sharp business-centric mindset. This has proven extremely valuable for our company.”

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“Thanks to Companyon, the activities of Osimis and Lify (our medical imagery SaaS) are GDPR-compliant and our intellectual property is aptly protected. I highly appreciate working with their team of rigorous and pragmatic legal experts while enjoying 100% predictability on prices.”

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Companyon fixes your legal potholes so you can focus on running your business. Discover here why and how we are different from other legal professionals.






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Who is Companyon?

We are a Brussels-based team of tech-enabled legal experts. We have deep expertise in bringing legal support to companies large and small. Companyon was founded by Adrien van den Branden, Cambridge LLM and world-class law firms alumnus (Linklaters, CMS), and by Thomas Vanderstraeten, an engineer and former strategy consultant (Bain & Company) who also co-founded a fast-growing Insurtech (Seraphin.be). Meet our team.


How is Companyon able to offer such competitive prices?

How do we reconcile high standards and limited fees? The secret behind this 'pay less for more' mindset lays in our radically innovative approach for legal advice. All our processes are constantly optimised by our team of lawyers and engineers working hand-in-hand to provide high-quality legal advice. This results in operational savings while improving the overall quality of our work. Ultimately, this translates into lower fees for you and other customers.


Which services does Companyon offer?

Companyon offers legal solutions matching the needs of your company, however small or large it is. Our team of experts simplifies all your legal steps from the incorporation of your company to day-to-day legal advice and corporate housekeeping. We help you navigate legal risks, whether they are regulatory, commercial or internal.


Who are these services aimed at?

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and business leaders propel their business by taking care of their legal stuff. We support starters as well as established organisations. We offer legal solutions matching the needs of SMBs, start-ups, scale-ups and one-person companies.


How can I benefit from these services?

You can easily setup an appointment at the time that suits you best, directly from this website. One of our legal experts will then call you back to perform an assessment of your legal needs and provide you with a solution at the best price and within your required timeframe.